Pretty Prints Kit & Pretty Prints Add Ons

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Hello Scrappers! This month saw sweltering hot days in Sydney during our holiday, you know the kind of days where it’s hot and the nights are uncomfortably humid. Brisbane fared no better upon our return with seering heat and humidity most days. The air conditioner was working overtime to keep 17 degrees and sometimes even this wasn’t cool enough for me. I seriously hate the heat yet live in a state that is HOT go figure! I need to move to Antartica I think lol. Can we skip Autumn this year please!

My new kit is called Pretty Prints, for no particular reason. Includes twelve 12 inch papers, 300ppi, JPGs and 50 embellishments, 300ppi, PNGs. I also have add on packs of a full alpha set in upper/lower case, bonus papers, bows, embossed papers, paper stacks, glitter papers, paper stacks, journals and for a limited time you can grab the Quick Page on my freebies page here. Clipartist and Pizazz Pixels have matching Quick Pages in store too.

My creative team have wonderful pages to inspire you (hopefully). Until next time happy scrapping!

dd_fsk_prettyp_elements dd_fsk_prettyp_papers dd_fs_prettyp_qp

dd_fsc_prettyp_alpha dd_fsc_prettyp_bonus01 dd_fsc_prettyp_bonus02

dd_fsc_prettyp_bows dd_fsc_prettyp_embossed dd_fsc_prettyp_glitters

dd_fsc_prettyp_journals dd_fsc_prettyp_stacks pretty-prints-framesa1

pretty-prints-framesa2 pretty-prints-qpa1 pretty-prints-qpa2

pretty-prints-qpa3 pretty-prints-qpa4 Pretty Prints QPJ1

ct_prettyprints_maureen1 ct_prettyprints_an1 ct_prettyprints_maureen2